I help you find the right people
who will make your business thrive.

Hi.  I’m Amy.  I am a creative web developer in a tiny town in Idaho.  Surrounded by farmers and a few teachers, I think I’m the only web developer for miles around. I specialize in creating high performance websites that will attract the right kind of people for your small business – people you will love working with and who will love being your clients.

Find out what a performance website
will do for your small business.

What makes my sites different?



I can measure the success of your website with advanced analytical tools to see how it’s performing over time.

Graphic Design

See the difference it can make to have your site professionally designed.  Stop the cycle of trying it on your own.

Social Media Profiles

I can put together a branding package for you that includes cover graphics for all of your social media profiles.

Responsive Design

With all of the people using their tablets and phones to look at websites, your site should look amazing in all devices.  I am up for the challenge.


You can’t be too careful when it comes to security.  I set up my websites using hosting packages that guarantee security and fix your site for free if you get hacked.


I can embed your videos on your website and make them responsive as well.  How’s that for fun?

Let Me Help You Find Your Favorite Clients

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