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Do You Feel Like You’re
Attracting The Wrong Clients?

Are you finding that you’re attracting the wrong type of clients, or worse, not enough clients altogether? Many business owners find themselves working long hours and putting in significant effort for clients they don’t enjoy working with. Although they may wish to select better clients, the need for business leads them to keep accepting work from individuals they can’t stand working with. Consequently, they feel drained, taken advantage of, and manipulated at the end of the day. Additionally, the constant demands from unpleasant clients make it difficult to devote sufficient time to the few good clients they have.

I help business owners find clients they love working with.

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A few of my latest reviews

Result exceeded our expectations

Working with the Sure Leader team and specifically Amy has been nothing but positive! Beyond her technical skills which are vast, Amy was patient and was willing to work with us through our various needs and requests. She met all our deadlines and the result exceeded our expectations. Working with Sure Leader was the best decision we made and we would do it again in a heartbeat.

Tyler Sakai


Phenomenal Job

Amy did a phenomenal job at realizing our vision and really is a Divi expert. Will be working closely with Amy moving forward due to such an easy and exceptional delivery. Thank you.



There isn’t an option to rate more highly so I have to only give 5 stars. Beyond my expectations- delighted!


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