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Sure Leader Websites is a Mountain Home web design company that helps business owners locally and nationwide with web development services.

Do You Feel Like Your Business
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Are you finding that you’re spending too much of your time trying to get your website just right only to find that you’ve made a bigger mess than when you started?  Many of my clients were in the same boat.  They tried to manage their own website only to find they were spending long hours doing things that made them feel frustrated and tired.  And worse yet, they had no calls or leads from their hard work.

I help business owners get back to what they’re best at by taking care of things like:

  • Web development
  • Marketing
  • Email Leads
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Logo Design
  • SEO
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Target market clarification


How It Works

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Who designs the look of a website?

Websites are usually designed by a graphic designer or a web designer.  When working with me, I will consult with the business owner to find out what the goals of their business are.  We explore the target audience and what their common problems are.  Then, I form a design that will lead the reader to take action.  

How much does a web design cost?

Each website is different and has different requirements.  Some websites will have a shopping cart where people can choose products, pay for them, and receive them.  These sites often cost much more than other sites to create and maintain. Other websites will advertise a business and inform people about why they should choose that business.  These kinds of sites tend to be less expensive.  There are many other types of websites like membership sites where people need to log in to view protected content, educational sites where people can purchase and view courses, and company sites where employees can find needed resources.  Web development and design can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.  The best way to find out how much your website will cost is to schedule a consultation and talk with a web developer one on one.

How do I find someone to design my website?

Part of the process of finding someone to design your website is to check out their portfolio and see if you like their style.  Also, find out if they will be there to maintain the site once it’s finished.  There is a lot to consider, such as how much experience they have, whether they understand SEO and marketing concepts, how your company will be represented to your audience, whether they have time to work on your project, etc. 

One of the main things is how you can communicate with them.  Are they easy to get a hold of when you need them?  Will you be able to get along with them?  Usually, I work with my clients on a long-term basis.  I have many clients that I have worked with for many years.  It’s important that we have a good relationship and can enjoy working together for a long time.  Oftentimes, I help them find ways to improve their business as we consult together.  We become friends and enjoy our conversations together.  

Boise Web Design

While I live in Mountain Home, I drive to Boise often.  If you need Boise website design work or web development, you’re in the right place.  But honestly, some of my best clients live across the world and I have never met them face to face.  We talk through online meetings and share screens when needed.  So, whether you’re in Boise, Mountain Home, somewhere in Idaho, or somewhere across the world, we can probably work together on your website.

Divi Expert

When Divi theme was first released, I loved it immediately.  It was so flexible I could make it look like anything my clients wanted.  And, it was easy enough for them to make simple changes to their website when needed.  I also loved that they were always coming out with new improvements that kept them at the top of the competition.  

With other themes, I found that they were not being updated and that the site owners had to re-do their websites much more often because there was not a needed update available for their chosen theme.  At that time, I chose to use Divi for almost all of my clients.  

Of course, some clients need a custom theme or already have a different theme and it just makes sense to use what they already have or to do a custom theme.  So, if that’s the case, don’t worry.  I can still work with you.

A few of my latest reviews

Result exceeded our expectations

Working with the Sure Leader team and specifically Amy has been nothing but positive! Beyond her technical skills which are vast, Amy was patient and was willing to work with us through our various needs and requests. She met all our deadlines and the result exceeded our expectations. Working with Sure Leader was the best decision we made and we would do it again in a heartbeat.

Tyler Sakai


Phenomenal Job

Amy did a phenomenal job at realizing our vision and really is a Divi expert. Will be working closely with Amy moving forward due to such an easy and exceptional delivery. Thank you.



There isn’t an option to rate more highly so I have to only give 5 stars. Beyond my expectations- delighted!


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