How do I get you results?

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Featured, Websites

There are many things that go into getting great results for your business.  The first step is to have an in-depth consultation with me where we find out what your business goals are and what sets your company apart from your competition.  In this meeting, we get to know one another and really figure out what will add value to your business and help you succeed.  We discuss what kind of revenue you want to be earning.  We talk about what kind of people you like working with.  We find out what services you are offering now and figure out some ideas for other services and products you could be offering to be more successful.  We figure out what voice you want for your business (the personality you want to come out in your branding).

Then, I come up with a plan for how we can reach your goals.  This is more than just what type of website you’d like to have.  It includes a complete plan that will bring people to you and get you high value results.  This will be developed just for you and will not be a cookie cutter approach.  We will formulate a plan specifically for your business and find a way to reach your goals in an efficient, stable way.

Once I have a plan, I will schedule another meeting with you to talk about your plan and what you can accomplish.  We will go through what is necessary to get to your goals and what it will look like for you to do that.  This will be an ongoing plan.  Not a one time fix that leaves you with a generic website that you don’t know how to deal with.  You won’t be writing content.  You won’t be searching for themes or images.  You’ll be working on your business and I’ll take care of carrying out the plan each month.

Due to the high level of commitment I am giving to my clients, I limit the number of people I work with.  Please understand that working with someone is a big commitment of time and energy on my part, to make me more available and focused on the clients I choose to take on.

If you would like to schedule time to talk and see if we are a good fit, please use my appointment scheduler to make an appointment.

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