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by | Jul 31, 2013 | Featured, Websites

This website needed some modifications. We changed the home page image, incorporating some of the content into the design and making it look cleaner and more professional. We also changed the optin form on the side and the before and after gallery. There were several page redesigns and additions. We’re also adding a blog and blogging on a regular basis to improve SEO and site value. This will help with fresh content, which google loves!

Things to be aware of

When modifying your website, you need to be careful of a few things. First, make sure that links are preserved or redirected. You don’t want broken links messing up your page rank. Also, you should incorporate keyword phrases into your content.

Why Do You Need Website Modifications?

Styles change, whether it is in clothing, architecture, or websites.  Having an outdated website reflects poorly on your business and your brand.  You need to portray a modern, fresh look to attract more customers.  After all, would people in your market want the most up-to-date professional with the latest knowledge and skills?  In almost every case, the answer is a loud YES!

What If I Only Need A Few Modifications?

Whether you need to just change a few of your images and text, or if you want to convert your entire site to WordPress and get a whole new look, we can handle it all.  Our team of experts can help you get the results  you want with your website modifications.

Call us at (208) 570-3134 or schedule an appointment to get more information. 

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