How To Find Customers


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    Are you interested in how to find customers for your online website? Or maybe you have a WordPress site that needs maintenance or updating?

    Let me introduce myself,  I am Amy Cole, owner of SureLeader Websites LLC, a Boise web development company specializing in WordPress. 

    Many of my clients are local to the Boise area, however I help people from all over the country. With clients from the east coast to the west coast. They hire me to add pages to their website or even redesign the whole site. 

    Amy Boyack owner of SureLeader Websites LLC, a Boise Web Development Company
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    Virtual Assistant in Boise

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    How to Find More Customers

    How to Find More Customers

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    The Importance of a Blog on Your Site

    You’ve heard it a hundred times. You need to have a blog to help your website. But how, exactly does blogging for a business work? Our Boise web development company can help.

    First, let me explain a little about how google and other search engines work. To make a long story short, they are looking for fresh, relevant content to deliver to the searchers at every level. So, if you have fresh, relevant content on your website, you’re more likely to be found in search results. For this reason, having a quality blog, with lots of relevant content, that is also being updated regularly can only help your website to rank well.

    Blogs and blogging are truly a vital component to any website. A successfully written blog should:


    • Increase in organic search click through rates.
    • Help to find customers.
    • Help improve your search engine optimization.
    • Most importantly provide an amazing source of social proof.
    • These factors build trust between your online guests and you.  It also connects them directly to your online business.

    So contact me at SureLeader Websites, your Boise web development leader by clicking the button below. This will give us a chance to have a good discussion about your web site and the options I can offer you. So, again, just click the button below.