How do I get you results?

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There are many things that go into getting great results for your business.  The first step is to have a FREE consultation with me where we find out what your business goals are and what sets your company apart from your competition.  In this meeting, we get to know one another and really figure out what will add value to your business and help you succeed.  We discuss what kind of revenue you want to be earning.  We talk about what kind of people you like working with.  We find out what services you are offering now and figure out some ideas for other services and products you could be offering to be more successful.  We figure out what voice you want for your business (the personality you want to come out in your branding).

Then, I come up with a plan for how we can reach your goals.  This is more than just what type of website you’d like to have.  It includes a complete plan that will bring people to you and get you high value results.  This will be developed just for you and will not be a cookie cutter approach.  We will formulate a plan specifically for your business and find a way to reach your goals in an efficient, stable way.

Once I have a plan, I will schedule another meeting with you to talk about your plan and what you can accomplish.  We will go through what is necessary to get to your goals and what it will look like for you to do that.  This will be an ongoing plan.  Not a one time fix that leaves you with a generic website that you don’t know how to deal with.  You won’t be writing content.  You won’t be searching for themes or images.  You’ll be working on your business and I’ll take care of carrying out the plan each month.

Due to the high level of commitment I am giving to my clients, I limit the number of people I work with.  Please understand that working with someone is a big commitment of time and energy on my part, to make me more available and focused on the clients I choose to take on.

If you would like to schedule time to talk and see if we are a good fit, please use my appointment scheduler to make an appointment.

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My WordPress Website Maintenance Routine

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Having a routine for website maintenance will not only make your maintenance tasks easier, but they help to keep your site secure from hackers.  Maintenance tasks may not be fun, but they are crucial to keeping your website investment strong.  It wouldn’t make any sense to spend time and money developing your small business website just to turn around and ignore it, letting it age and become obsolete.

Website Maintenance Tasks

Website maintenance tasks for WordPress sites are as follows:

  • Verify that a good backup exists
  • Update WordPress core files, plugins, and themes
  • Check the front end of the site for any errors
  • Scan the files for malware
  • Add fresh, relevant content to blog
  • Share on social media

Verify that a good backup exists

I like to use a plugin called updraft plus to make backups of files and database for the site.  I like this plugin because it usually runs without any trouble and can save to an external location, such as dropbox or google drive.  This is important because if anything were to happen to your hosting server and that was the only place you had a backup, you could be left without a website or a backup.  As unlikely as that may sound, I have seen it happen and it was catastrophic.

Update WordPress core files, plugins and themes

Updating your site is the single most important step you can take to keep your site safe from hackers.  The reason we make a backup first is because the updating process can occasionally break a website.  If you have a good backup, you can simply restore the site from that backup.

To update the site, you will need to go to the WordPress dashboard and click on dashboard>updates.  There you will see the three sections – WordPress, plugins, and themes.  Each of these sections will need to be updated in turn.  Make sure you remain on the page until the updates are complete so you don’t lock your site down in maintenance mode.  If that happens, you will need to delete the maintenance file from your server to get your site working again.

Check the front end for errors

Once you have updated your site, you will want to check the front of the site to be sure that all is working as it should.  Some things to watch for are formatting errors, broken popups, broken sliders, broken buttons, broken forms, etc.  Check like you have just got your site finished and you are testing everything.  If anything is not working, you can narrow down which plugin is responsible and restore that from the backup.

Scan the files for malware

This step requires a plugin such as wordfence.  I like using wordfence and ithemes security together for most sites.  There are situations where these plugins may not work, such as when the hosting company already provides a security layer that may conflict with these plugins.  Run a scan and see what is recommended for anything that is found.  If you have malware on your site, it will need to be cleaned thoroughly to be sure it is all gone.  If your domain has been blacklisted, you’ll need to follow steps to be sure you can still be found in google.

Add fresh, relevant content to your blog

While this may not seem like a maintenance step to some, it is important to keep the SEO fresh on your site.  Google looks for fresh, relevant content.  If you only have stale content, you will not be as competitive for your search terms.  You want to post on a regular basis and make your posts long enough to satisfy google and your readers.  You also want to include keyword phrases that are relevant to your business that will help people who are searching for those terms.  Add good imagery to enhance that content and help people feel that your content is high quality.

Share on social media

The last step is to share your content on social media.  While this is not the only time you want to be posting on social media, it is important to share when you add a blog post.  This will help add validity to your site with links coming back from social media, such as Facebook and google plus.

If you have any questions about how you can keep your website maintained, or if you would like to hire me to maintain it for you, please contact me and let me know.

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WordPress Site for Video Company

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Get your wordpress site for a video company or other small business. Free quote and consultation. Find out how much you can save.

This husband/wife video company is based in Hawaii and California. They have a free gift offer that needed to be front and center on their home page to build their list. In building this wordpress site for video company, I made sure to keep the focus on the free gift and their events as well as their portfolio.

While this website is not unusual, it is different than a business card/informational type website because it is more focused on list building. The free offer is the main call to action on the home page. The owners really wanted to build their list quickly so they can market to their potential clients. So, even if they don’t purchase something or contact them, they can still capture their email for future communications with them.

This is a really smart tactic being used by many marketing agencies for their clients who want to sell a service. First, you figure out the pain point for your clients with a market survey. Then, you develop a free gift that solves their problem and offer it in exchange for their email address. Once they have opted in, they will immediately get the free gift delivered to their email. They will also be on the list for future marketing campaigns.

The reason this is so effective is that the free gift is relevant to their target audience. So, if they are interested in the free gift, chances are, they will also be interested in their main services down the road. This means they can market to a list that is highly likely to purchase from them in the future.

If you’d like to have a website built for your small business, please contact me today.

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How to Update Your WordPress Site

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Updating your website is one of the top ways to keep it secure. So, why do most of my clients fail to update their sites on a regular basis? I think it is because it may seem scary or overwhelming or because they don’t realize how important it is. In any case, it needs to be done on a regular basis. Here is a quick video I did to show you how to update your site.

If you still feel intimidated by the task of updating your site, you can sign up for monthly maintenance where I will go in and update everything, and if something breaks, I will work on fixing it for you. One less thing to worry about, right? Let’s work together to keep the hackers out of our lives. Nobody likes a hacker.

If you want to know more about how to keep your website secure, you can feel free to contact me using the contact form or call and talk. I’m really not scary.

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Website Changes to Existing Websites

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Website Changes to Existing Websites

One of the services I offer is making website changes to existing websites.  This is something that comes up a lot.  Maybe you have a website that was created for you a while ago and there are details about your business that have changed.  Adding a new social media profile link, updating an image, or changing a phone number are some of the more common changes I see.  Maybe you forgot how to access the site and make changes, you’re afraid you may mess something up, or maybe you’re too busy to get in and make changes.  In any case, I can help you out.


If you have new blog posts that need to be added, I can do that, too.  They can even be scheduled to be published in the future.  So, maybe you spend a Saturday and write a bunch of posts and then they can be scheduled to publish each week for the next few months.  This is a great way to stay on top of things.  If you need posts added to your site, but don’t want to get in and make the changes, you can send them to me and I can post them and schedule them for you.  This is one of the most important website changes to existing websites that you can make.

Some people want to add to their blog, but don’t have time to write the posts.  I can do that, too.  I focus on SEO, so I will first do research to find the best keywords for your blog posts and then focus on a keyword phrase for each post and include the keyword in the content as well as in the tags for the images and throughout the post in strategic places.

SEO Benefits from Website Changes to Existing Websites

Why would blogging and website changes to existing sites help your website? Blogging adds fresh content to your site, which google loves!  Doing this on a regular basis will improve your search results placement for your site.  You will show up higher in search results for those phrases and get more hits on your page.  Each time you add fresh content to your site, you are giving search engines more reasons to deliver your site as a search result.  This increases your visibility and you end up with more clients.

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Website with a slider and optin form

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I built this website for a friend of mine who is specializing in herbal remedies for health coaches to offer their clients.  The site is simple and elegant with a lot of beautiful elements.  The slider is peeking out behind a ric-rac type of border on the bottom.

There are several products for sale in her shop and even an affiliate program.  With custom post types for services and beautiful images for her offerings, this website is a real winner all around.



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Cartoon style wordpress website

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Here’s a fun website we did for a financial advisor.  It is one of a series of cartoon type sites that we have been building for financial advisors.

Having a cartoon representation of yourself can make a serious subject a little less intimidating for the reader.  People feel a little more comfortable reading about serious things when they see cartoon characters instead of serious portraits.

So, here’s a look at the latest in the series of websites we have done for our financial advisor friends.

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“White label” WordPress websites

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You may be wondering why it’s been a while since we posted images of the websites we have built.  Let me assure you, we are still building websites.  Our business is still going.

The thing is, many of our clients are marketing agencies.  We build “white label” WordPress websites for them.  So, it looks like they have built them for their clients, when in all actuality, they have hired us to build them.  Now, these agencies wouldn’t want us advertising that we built these sites because that wouldn’t look so good for them.  After all, they charge over and above what we charge, so their websites end up being pretty expensive.  How would it look to have us claiming we had built these sites when their clients had no idea we were involved?

Suppose one of their clients found a post about their website, and saw our low, low prices.  I can assure you, that wouldn’t be good for our relationships with these marketing agencies that send us so much business.

The good news for you is that you have found the supplier.  We are the ones who actually build the websites.  We all know that the middle man gets paid for finding the supplier, so when you cut out the middle man, you get things for less.  Mind you, these are the same websites at the same quality we build for the marketing agencies, just at a lower price to you.

If you’re ready to have your website built at a low cost, with all of the high quality you can expect from a fancy marketing agency, you’ve come to the right place.  Simply call us at 208-366-7126 or fill in our form to get a free quote. 

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Ecommerce website with quickbooks integration

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This site may look like an ordinary site when you look at it from the front, but it’s very complex on the back end.  The business owner wanted to be able to connect his website store with his quickbooks program so that when sales were made on the website, his quickbooks would update with that information.

Well, we came up with a solution and it is working beautifully.  The site not only looks great, it does exactly what he wanted it to do.  Now, he can sell online and keep up with his business accounting all at the same time.

Who wouldn’t love a solution like this?

Next time you have a complex function you want your website to do,  you will know who to ask.

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What makes a professionally built website so great?

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When someone comes to me in desperation, I can usually guess that they’ve tried to build their own website with no luck.  They are embarrassed to even show me the current site because it is so bad.  It’s so painful to hear the frustration they’ve been facing as they’ve attempted to learn web development.

What they thought would be a two hour job has turned into months of anguish.  Each step of the way, they have cemented the fact that they are not professional web developers.  They are good at what they do, but this isn’t something  you learn overnight.  It takes plenty of time.

I’m going to go through the things that I’ve learned that have helped me to create beautiful websites.  Maybe this will help someone to avoid the extreme anguish that can come from not knowing the ropes.  Believe me, I’ve seen a lot of ugly sites.

  1. Keep the design simple.   Why do something the hard way, when the simple is most often better understood?
  2. Avoid background images with text on top.  Text needs to be readable above all.  So, use a plain colored or lightly textured background behind the text area if you want an image background for your site.
  3. Stick to a few colors that go well together.  You can use a tool like if you need help picking out colors that go well together.  Many times, I will use colors from a logo or an image that the customer wants to use on the site.
  4. Keep your calls to action clear.  Don’t expect your readers to know what you want them to do.  You need to tell them clearly with words as well as visually what’s most important on the page.
  5. Take out extra clutter on videos.  When a video has a clean look to it, it appears to be a higher quality website.  This means getting rid of title bars, frames, and controls.
  6. Purchase high quality images for sliders and use good quality fonts for graphics.  Nothing cheapens a website more than poorly made graphics.  If you can hire a graphic designer for a few well made graphics, it will be well worth the cost.
  7. Solid borders and overly rounded corners on everything are a little outdated.  Try looking at new designs and find ideas to help you.
  8. Be consistent with font styles and colors.  Don’t feel like each paragraph needs its own styling.  There’s no faster way to look cheap than to color all of your text with bright colors and different styles.

If you’ve got an ugly site, give me a call.  I can solve all of your website woes in a matter of days and get you up and running with a beautiful site that you’ll be proud to show.

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