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by | Feb 17, 2022 | Newsletter

OK, so I’m really in Mountain Home, but for all intents and purposes, it’s Boise without the traffic. I have clients all over the world and usually deal with everyone over zoom meetings and phone calls, anyway. So, for a Boise Divi Theme Developer, it makes sense that I’d fit right in. And, I do specialize in Divi theme. Ever since it came out, I’ve been working with Divi. And, early on I decided to work almost exclusively with Divi. I quickly learned all the ins and outs of where settings were. Then, as they added more, I grew with the theme.

So, now, when people want to know how to do something with Divi theme or WordPress in general, I can quickly help them find the answers they need. Or, do it for them so they don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Divi Theme Developer Typical Clients

You see, many of my clients come to me tired and frustrated from trying to learn WordPress development to build their own website. After sometimes years of trying to make things work, they come to a point where they just don’t see the value in wasting their time learning something so complex as WordPress development when they could be using their time more wisely in their business.

After all, you shouldn’t have to do everything yourself. Sometimes it’s just a smarter decision to hire an expert. So, I step in and save them from their frustration and they can go on with running their business and doing the things they’re so good at.

But don’t beat yourself up if this sounds familiar. Just make a decision to do things smarter and hire an expert who can make your life much easier. Sometimes doing things yourself can be a more costly solution than hiring someone to do it right the first time. And while there are some situations that do call for you to do it yourself, most of the time, there are ways to get a website that fits your needs at the time and can grow as your business needs grow.

So, what am I like to work with? Well, I’m down to earth and easy to talk with. I’m very low-key and friendly. I get along with almost everyone, but I choose to only work with people I like (I’ve had enough of working with difficult people if you know what I mean). So, if you’re a nice business owner and need a website, we should probably talk and see if we’re a good fit. Set an appointment with me today. If nothing else, you’ll come away with a better understanding of your business and a plan of action for going forward.

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