If you’re like me, you probably are hosting regular zoom meetings to meet with people on a regular basis. How great is it that we can share screens with people across the world to share ideas and clearly communicate what we mean? But, there is one default setting that I learned to change early on because it was so annoying. And that was the setting for who can screen share.

Each time someone wants to share screens, the host has to allow screen sharing. If this is happening to you over and over, I bet you are tired of people saying, “It says host does not allow screen sharing” when you’re in the middle of a good zoom meeting. Nothing kills the momentum more than when someone is ready to share their screen and you forgot to allow that to happen. I do zoom meetings every day. It’s usually one on one with my clients and there’s no problem with them sharing their screens. I’d prefer it to always be allowed because I just don’t want to have to reset the permission for every meeting.

Here’s the solution if you’re in the same boat. You can go into the settings and go to meeting > in meeting basic. Then scroll down until you see screen sharing.

allow screen sharing in zoom

Make sure the “All participants” radio button is selected.

That’s it!

Super easy, right?

So, go ahead and make the change to allow screen sharing in zoom and avoid the embarrassment of having your zoom meeting fizzle because you didn’t turn it on. It will save you time and frustration and you won’t have to make anyone else the host of the meeting anymore. Because that’s like just throwing in the towel and saying, “I don’t know anything about how Zoom works!” And trust me, that doesn’t look professional at all.

If you’d like to schedule a zoom meeting with me to discuss your business, we can talk about what you’re doing right and some ideas for improving your business and the automation of things that could bring you more money.