Cartoon Style WordPress Website

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Newsletter, Websites

Here’s a fun website we did for a financial advisor. As one of a series of cartoon style wordpress websites which we have been built for some of our financial advisor friends, it shows how you can make a serious topic a bit more fun. We hope you enjoy this look at the latest in this series.

Why Have A Cartoon Style Website?

Cartoon elements are not  just look fun to look at,  they also can often attract more attention. They  can help make your website look more friendly and cheerful.  Having a cartoon representation of yourself can make a serious subject a little less intimidating for the reader.  People feel a little more comfortable reading about serious things when they see a cartoon characters instead of serious portraits.

Your site may have a very serious topic but this is one way to make that topic more approachable for your intended market. Animated graphics can also be used to help explain many complex topics.

Would A Cartoon Style Website Work for You?

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