Divi Theme in WordPress: Most Common Questions Answered

by | May 19, 2023 | Newsletter

As a Divi expert, I get a lot of clients who use Divi Theme for WordPress. Since many of my clients have the same questions, I figured I’d share the most common questions and the answers to them here. If you’re wanting Divi lessons, you can sign up for them here.

Can I add pictures to the text module?

Short answer, I wouldn’t recommend it. There are a few exceptions to my rule, but there is so much to be gained from using the image module. You get better responsiveness (which is the way your site scales down on mobile and tablet versions). You also get better styling options that are not available in the text module such as drop shadows and animation. As a rule, I tend to keep text in the text modules and images in the image modules.

How many fonts can I add?

While technically, you can use as many fonts as you want, you should really limit the fonts to about 2 per site. This is because each font that you load slows down the site loading time a little bit and it can really add up. This is true for Google fonts as well as the font loader feature.

Why does the font loader not let me load my font files?

This is a safety feature of WordPress that only allows certain file types to be loaded by default. Some hosts go a step further and don’t allow you to change these file types very easily. There are a few workarounds and some plugins that help as well. Elegant Themes (the makers of Divi Theme) have created a great post that explains some steps to use to get your file types to load. Once you solve the problem of the “Sorry, This File Type Is Not Permitted for Security Reasons” error, you can use any font you have a file for as long as you have permission to use it on the web. When adding fonts, I usually follow these steps:

  1. Install the plugin to allow different file types
  2. Go to a post or page and open a text module.
  3. Upload font
  4. Go to appearance customizer and set default fonts

Why is my mobile view so messed up?

This is usually because the padding has been set without regard to mobile settings. Or the sizing of the box has been changed. To overcome this, you can choose the mobile options for the padding or the sizing that is affecting the styling. When you click on any of the device size options, the screen will resize and you will see that view and be able to make changes for that device for that setting.

Obviously, there are quite a few more questions about Divi theme in WordPress that I could cover, but I’m out of time for today. If you have specific questions, consider setting up a consultation or signing up for Divi lessons.

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