How to Find More Customers

by | Sep 2, 2019 | Newsletter

Finding more customers seems to be at the forefront of every conversation these days. It seems that everyone wants more customers. They think, “If only I could figure out how to find more customers, I’d have more sales and more success.”

But, is more customers what your business really needs? Or do you just need to find better customers who will come back again and again and rave about your business wherever they go? What if all your customers could be just like your favorite customers? How would that change your business? Maybe you just need to find more of the right customers who will love being your customers, and you’ll love having them as customers.

The Quality of Customers Counts

When you’re looking at high quality customers, you don’t need to find as many customers to make a huge impact on your business. In fact, you may need even fewer customers than you have now, in some cases.

For example, I used to work with whoever came through my door, and I was desperate for more customers all the time. I would do about 13 websites a month and rush through them, making careless mistakes and hurrying through each project like there was no tomorrow.

My clients were not my favorite people to work with and often complained very rudely about my work and really ate away at my self esteem. I hated work and felt like every time I woke up I had to face the lions again. It was challenging to say the least. But still, I felt like I needed more customers. I just didn’t know how I would fit more customers into my day.

How to Find More Customers Was Consuming Me

Then, I took some time and really thought about where I was going and how my business was running me, rather than me running my business. I thought about why I got into this business to begin with. I wanted to spend more time with my daughter and be at home for her. I had let my business get so out of hand that I couldn’t even do that anymore.

Have You Ever Fired a Customer?

So, I took inventory of which clients I loved working with and which ones I couldn’t stand. I politely eliminated the ones I couldn’t stand working with so that I only had a few that I really did like working with. Then, I went about looking for more like them. I studied what made them unique and what they looked like so that I could recognize them next time I ran into someone like them. I sought them out actively.

Now, my path to happy clients was not all perfect. I actually took on a few more customers that I didn’t like and had to work through getting rid of them once again. It was a rough road. But, I have learned a lot along the way.

What I Learned

Most importantly, I have learned that a few really good clients is all I need. They can give me more business than many cranky customers, and I can give them better quality work. We are all happier because of it. I don’t feel desperate for more clients all the time. In fact, I do very little looking for more clients. I’m not always wondering how to find more customers. Instead, I wait for people to find me, and I am kind of picky about who I will work with.

Next Steps

If finding better quality customers who will improve your business sounds interesting to you, reach out today and make an appointment. We’ll talk for about 45 minutes about your business and your goals and what your ideal customer looks like. When we’re done, we’ll have a better picture of where you can go and what you can do to improve your business right away. If we decide it’s a good fit, then we’ll begin together to work toward those goals. If not, you’ll still have a better understanding of where you’re at and where you’d like to be.

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