Tips for Colorful Website Design

by | Jun 26, 2012 | Newsletter, Websites

Secrets to getting the right look

Don’t be afraid of colors and backgrounds.  They often make the cutest and most unique sites.  They grab people’s attention because they are different than the boring, white backgrounds that prevail in today’s world.  Far from boring, this is a great example of using colorful backgrounds and headings in a simple web site.

More Tips for a Simple Web Site

Change the fonts and include fonts that you love.  Stay away from the same old fonts and be daring.  Add fun fonts to your headings and see what it does for your site.  With wordpress, this is a breeze.  Check out this fun site with the playful fonts in the headers.  This is a fun way to use fonts in a creative way.

Apply the latest styles.  Website styles change all the time.  Having outdated styles on your website sends the wrong message.  Live a little.

Beg to be followed.  Be daring and bold in your attempts to get people to like your page, share on facebook, or pin it on pinterest.  This is not the time to be shy.  Have plenty of ways for people to share your information and connect with you in all of your social outlets.  There are so many out there.  Don’t make people search for you.  Make it easy for them to find you where they hang out.  Another secret to a simple web site.

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