Things You Should Consider About Web Hosting Before You Choose

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Newsletter

Does your office space accommodate your needs?  Do you have access to the right resources to keep your business running effectively?  You may want to consider web hosting in Boise to provide needed services to keep your business exposed to the world.

In deciding on a web host, you may want to think of it as searching for office space. How do you decide what type of office space will fit your needs? Is the space big enough, does it have a business center, are you planning to expand or do you expect a lot of traffic? How easy is the access, what functions does it offer, where is it located and what is the overall cost? Do you intend to rent a workstation or the whole building? Using a web host is basically buying or renting a space to enhance your ability to deliver efficient and effective service to your clients.

An on-line presence is essential for today’s businesses. There are a number of web hosting in Boise programs that accommodate everything from small blogs to large organizations. Costs vary from free to more expensive for large or specialized businesses. Most web host services fall into four categories:

  • A shared host would be akin to renting a work station. It is cheap and easy to set up. The downside to having a shared host is you won’t know your neighbors and the content they would be uploading. This content could contain malware and infect your website.
  • A virtual private server (VPS) will benefit a medium size business at a reasonable cost. It is a stepping stone to the next level of service. It is equivalent to having a few rooms to house your business.
  • A dedicated server means you are renting an entire building to accommodate your business. In this case, you control the entire space and are not sharing with others. This would be the most expensive option.
  • Cloud hosting is an operation across many interconnected servers that supply an affordable, scalable, dedicated and reliable infrastructure. A cloud host spreads your site among multiple servers. You can find more information about how cloud hosting works by following this link.

There are a number of things to consider when selecting a web host. Cost is the biggest factor.  Depending upon your needs, costs can range from free to very reasonable and on up.

Also consider the bandwidth allowance. Does the host provide enough space to accommodate your business? Will your customers have easy access to your information?

Does this host provide 24/7/365 professional technical support? This is essential to most clients. Do they deliver solutions personalized to you and your goals? Are they secure and compliant services? Will they manage your domain? Research is the key to selecting a good web host for your personal use. 

We have hosting options available and can provide you with assistance in choosing which affordable and appropriate hosting option best addresses your business needs. You can contact us here to set up your free 45 minute consultation.

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