Website Changes to Existing Websites

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Newsletter

Website Changes to Existing Websites

One of the services I offer is making website changes to existing websites.  This is something that comes up a lot.  Maybe you have a website that was created for you a while ago and there are details about your business that have changed.  Adding a new social media profile link, updating an image, or changing a phone number are some of the more common changes I see.  Maybe you forgot how to access the site and make changes, you’re afraid you may mess something up, or maybe you’re too busy to get in and make changes.  In any case, I can help you out.


If you have new blog posts that need to be added, I can do that, too.  They can even be scheduled to be published in the future.  So, maybe you spend a Saturday and write a bunch of posts and then they can be scheduled to publish each week for the next few months.  This is a great way to stay on top of things.  If you need posts added to your site, but don’t want to get in and make the changes, you can send them to me and I can post them and schedule them for you.  This is one of the most important website changes to existing websites that you can make.

Some people want to add to their blog, but don’t have time to write the posts.  I can do that, too.  I focus on SEO, so I will first do research to find the best keywords for your blog posts and then focus on a keyword phrase for each post and include the keyword in the content as well as in the tags for the images and throughout the post in strategic places.

SEO Benefits from Website Changes to Existing Websites

Why would blogging and website changes to existing sites help your website? Blogging adds fresh content to your site, which google loves!  Doing this on a regular basis will improve your search results placement for your site.  You will show up higher in search results for those phrases and get more hits on your page.  Each time you add fresh content to your site, you are giving search engines more reasons to deliver your site as a search result.  This increases your visibility and you end up with more clients.

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