This website redesign wasn’t actually a Boise client.  This website redesign client is located in North Pole, Alaska.  We met online a few years ago and I did her original website.  This time around for this website redesign, we opted for a cleaner look and a fresh install of a shopping cart that badly needed updating.  So, the monkey background went by the wayside with this website redesign and we went with a bold green polka dotted background for the slider.  This area of the website redesign features the products she wants to show off.  These are all homemade soaps and lotions in fun shapes.  I know, they look like real cupcakes, but they’re actually soap.  How fun is that?This was a fun website redesign.

Website Redesign: Keeping It Simple!

With so many fun products, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by too many choices, so we opted to simplify things for this website redesign and only offer the choices she has on hand at the moment until she can catch up with the demands of her busy business.  This is a website redesign with a fun approach and an easy to navigate shopping cart and checkout.  Also, the back end is very easy to add products and update information.  Keeping it simple is what we do best.

Website redesign shouldn’t be a headache.  Website redesign should just be a walk in the park.