Would you like more people to find your restaurant?


Here are some unsettling statistics.

  • Most websites for restaurants do not usually include good marketing.

Why do some restaurants seem to always draw a crowd, while others are really struggling?

websites for restaurants provide great online marketing
websites for restaurants need 2 things

You just need two things!

You just need two things to get more people in your restaurant.  First, you need to make fantastic food.  This isn’t the problem.  You already pour your heart and soul into cooking the best food.  You do your best and you don’t cut corners.  But, cooking great food is not the problem.  The problem is the second thing.

The second thing you need to do to get more people in your restaurant is to get found online.  This is tough to do with so many places to list your menu and keep it up to date. My websites for resuraunts  have some great ways to automate that process and make it much simpler.  So, when people look for places to eat near them, you can come up first in the searches, and they can find you even if they have never heard of your restaurant. Just like I did with this site.

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Trying to do it all yourself
is not the answer

There’s a better way!

While it may be tempting to try and get listed on all the directory and review sites on your own, it’s not the answer. Even if you could join all the sites, how would you keep up your profiles on all of them and keep the menus and reviews up to date.  And, building your own website is a lot harder than it looks.  Trust me!  I’ve seen a lot of do-it-yourself website attempts that were pretty terrible.  And, the amount of time that people have spent trying to learn a new skillset to be able to manage it all is pretty huge.

What if you could have someone do it all for you?  They could manage your online presence and make sure you look great all over the web.  No more worrying about keeping up with all that techy stuff.  You have enough on your plate. Our websites for restaurants can do it for you.

Our websites for restaurants get seen

Sounds Great!
Sounds Hard.

online marketing for restaurants

This all sounds great.  Yes, it makes sense that if you want have more people find your restaurant, you need to be seen online.  But, how do you get seen online without a technology background? How do you get people to find your restaurant if they don’t know about your website?  How can you improve your online reputation and visibility without spending all your time online?

What if you could get an in-depth consultation with someone who understands what you’re facing? We could talk about your business and the specific problems you encounter every day and come up with specific, actionable solutions that you can implement right away. That is where one of our well designed website designs for restaurants will help.

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