Does Your Website Need a New Design?

by | Aug 6, 2013 | Websites

If your website needs a new look and design, you may want to consider using WordPress as your platform.  It makes it much easier to change the look and feel of your site in the future.  Changing WordPress themes can be done with much less effort than trying to build a new site from scratch.  The style and look of it will change without altering the words and pictures that it contains. This website needed a new design, so we used a lot of their existing content and put a new face on it.

The old site was a little dated and wasn’t giving the message they wanted to portray.  So, they decided “This website needs a new look” and they called me to do the job.

Why pay someone to come up with a brand new website if your information is still current?  You can keep all your content and improve what you have with an updated and contemporary feel that will draw people in. If your website needs a new design and not much else, just give us a call on (208) 570-3134. You can also schedule an appointment and we can fix that for you. Browse our portfolio to give you an idea of some of the beautiful new looks that we have come up with.

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