How Can I Help You?

Learn about the different WordPress website services I offer and see if there’s one that resonates with what you need in your business right now.

Quick Consultations


30-minute Consultation

Just like it sounds, you get my undivided attention for a few minutes to see if we’re a good fit or answer a quick question about WordPress websites and services I offer.

Existing Website Training

As a Divi expert, we will go into the ins and outs of using your WordPress website, so you can change content with confidence and know you’re doing it the right way.  Also available for other premium themes and custom themes.

Existing Client Follow-Up

This is where my existing clients with active projects can schedule time with me to go over details of their projects.

Design Strategy Session

This is geared towards designers looking for input on projects they’re working on.  Get a fresh perspective and a direction to take with something you’re stuck on.

Business Consultation

We go in to the main problems you’re having with your business and come up with ideas together and an action plan.

In-Depth Consultation

Like the business consultation, but way more involved with time and attention to every detail.  We will come up with actionable steps that you can follow to reach your goals.

WordPress Website Services



Need a new logo or even just a refresh on an old friend?  This comes as part of your branding package.

Landing Pages

Create a focused page for a target market.  Whether it’s selling a product, a service, or registration for a special event, landing pages can be great tools.

SEO & Marketing

Get traffic from people already searching for what you offer.  Find the people who are trying to find you.

Social Media Business Pages

Let people see the most current version of your brand even on social media sites.

WordPress Website

Whether you need a brand new site, a complete rehaul, or a little refresh, you will get just what you need to stay fresh and current.

Website Maintenance

Maintenance is key to keeping your site up and running when it’s all said and done.  Don’t let your investment fall behind the times once it’s built.

Monthly Coaching


Monthly Coaching Services

Need help with your website?  Want to learn from a Divi expert?  Set up weekly check-ins with me to go over all of your questions live on a screen-share call. I’ll try and answer any questions you have on the call.  If I can’t answer your question, I will research it and get back to you with an answer.  Includes unlimited email access to me where you can ask any questions that come up between weekly sessions.

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